Corset Double Egg Cup

Product Description
  • EGG-ZACKLY WHAT GUYS LIKE: Whether you're getting it for yourself or for a bosom buddy, this double-egg holder has titillating appeal. Breakfast will never be the same!
  • PERFECT CUP SIZE: Got jumbo eggs? No worries. Our ample cups safely hold any size boiled egg, right up to extra-large. (Or would that be DDD?)
  • SAUCY VICTORIAN LOOK: Authentic in every detail, this red-&-black "corset" resembles those worn by Wild West saloon girls. Perfect conversation piece... sure to spark plenty of comment!
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY: Don't be fooled by its comical charm. Your Double Egg Holder is crafted for keeps, with sturdy, solid ceramic glazed for a glowing shine. Count on it for years of enjoyment!
  • NICELY BOXED FOR GIFT GIVING: Love giving joke gifts (or should we say yolk gifts)? Your male friends will appreciate this one... and it's already ready to go, carefully packed in a durable box.



Crafted of premium ceramic, your Blu Devil Double Egg Cup safely holds 2 boiled eggs. Designed to resemble a Victorian corset, it'll brighten up any breakfast table!


Tired of boring breakfasts? Get our Corset Double Egg Cup... and your boiled eggs will never be the same! Made from durable glazed ceramic, this novelty 2-egg holder serves a very practical purpose. At the same time, it's sure to get plenty of comments AND chuckles!


Your Double Egg Holder Features:


  • TWO generous cups that safely hold any size eggs
  • Premium solid ceramic that resists chipping & cracking
  • Wide, stable base that stays put without tipping over
  • Unique Victorian corset design, authentic in every detail
  • Brilliant red-&-black color combo, sure to perk up your kitchen


All This Plus Egg-Zotic Appeal


Every time you see your Blu Devil Egg Holder, you'll be reminded of two of your favorite things. What's more, it comes nicely packaged for gift giving, so it makes a great present, too.


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Brand : Blu Devil