Multi Level Chess Set

Product Description

Distinctive Multi-Level Chess Board: Delight your friends with this novelty chess set. Unique board features 3D stair-step design: Your pieces literally "climb" as they move to capture the enemy.


Premium Solid Wood: Why settle for chintzy plastic? Your Blu Devil high-quality chess set includes a beautiful wooden chess board – made of 64 individual pine blocks – plus 32 hardwood chess pieces.


Perfect for the Perfect Game: Not too small. Not too big. Your Blu Devil wooden chess pieces are sized for easy handling. King is 2.4" high, Queen is 2.2", Bishop 2", Knight 1.6", Rook 1.4" & Pawn 1.2".


Sleek & Sophisticated: From its smooth-finished chess board to its polished chessmen, your 3D chess set will enhance any room. No other novelty chess set looks so chic & elegant.


2 Carry Bags Included: Your specialty chess set comes with 2 drawstring storage bags, one for each player's chess pieces. Perfect for travel. No more lost or misplaced pieces.


Crafted of solid wood, this premium modern chess set includes a 13" multi-level chess board + 32 hardwood chess pieces. Comes with 2 free storage bags.


Love unique chess sets? Here's one you'll be proud to display in your study, game room, or living room: your Blu Devil solid wood set with unique multi-level chess board.


Unlike cheaply made boards, this specialty chess set is elegant & presentable... ideal for social games with friends, family & colleagues.


Best of All, the 3D Design Takes Chess to a Whole New Level


The heart of your Blu Devil set is the distinctive 3D chess board, featuring special stair-step blocks staggered at different heights. Your King & Queen stand at the highest level, while Bishops, Knights, Rooks & Pawns all assemble below.


As you play, your chess pieces literally climb to reach & capture your opponent's pieces. It's a fun, fresh & novel way to enjoy a great game of chess.


Your High-Quality Chess Set Includes:


  • Beautiful 3D chess board, 13 inches square, made with 64 blocks of silky-smooth solid pine
  • 32 hardwood chess pieces with traditional felt bottoms – all specially carved & polished for easy handling & sophisticated style
  • 2 bonus storage bags, with cinchable drawstrings to keep chess pieces safe & sound


All This Plus That Eye-Catching Multi-Level Look... Sure to Spark Conversation


Order your Blu Devil Chess Set now. Plus, be sure to get extra sets for all the chess players on your gift list.

Brand : Blu Devil